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The 60% teledensity provides a substantial opportunity to offer mobile based services on the go. Tapping on this medium can yield lucrative results.

IVR Solutions

IVR Solution

Keeping up pace with the technological advancements, Converge Technologies is providing its customers Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology which allows a computer to interact with human beings by making use of DTMF tones input through the keypad and voice.

IVR technology can largely assist in building customer satisfaction and ease as it allows customers to interact with the host system of the company through their telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which the customer can service their own queries by following IVR dialogue. It further helps the company to identify and segment their callers. This ability to identify and segment the customers then allows the company to tailor their services according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Furthermore, Converge Technology ensures that IVR amplifies the focus on your business’s customer by prioritizing them. In a system wherein individual customers may have a different status the service will automatically prioritize the individual's call and move customers to the front of a specific queue. Also, we make sure that our IVR solution collects log call detail information into its own database for auditing, performance report, and future IVR system enhancements, so that your business can obtain maximum benefit out of IVR’s incorporation into your system!

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